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Company accounts preparation

Companies are required to file their accounts with the Registrar of Companies and with HMRC.  We are able to assist our clients in the preparation of their accounts ensuring that the accounts are prepared in the correct format and comply with the Companies Act.  We are on hand to answer questions and help throughout the process and will work with you to ensure the accounts are filed on time.

We are here to take the statutory worries from you allowing you to concentrate on running the business you know.



The audit regime is changeable and many Limited Companies no longer require audits.  Companies with a turnover of more that £6.5 million or with balance sheet total of more than £3.26 million will require an audit.  There may be other reasons that smaller companies require an audit, it may be to provide comfort to a bank, external shareholders or to the management.  Some will be required to carry out an audit by their constitution.

We are able to help companies meet the statutory requirements for an audit or those in their constitution.  When our audit work is complete we will have reviewed the financial and management systems and will discuss any issues found with management.  We also look to identify any areas of weakness and opportunities for fraud and will be happy to discuss out findings fully with you.

We will work with you to ensure that your business can run to its full potential.


Corporation tax returns

All limited companies are required to file a corporation tax return and tax computation with HMRC.  This is based on the annual accounts and it is important that the return is correct and corporation tax is not over or under stated. 

Fines and interest are charged on late payments and with the legislation constantly changing it can be difficult for company owners to keep up to date.

We are able to ensure that returns are correctly filed, on time with the correct computation.  We complete the computation when the annual accounts have been finalised and claim all available allowances and ensure expenses that are not allowable are removed from the return.  We will guide you in the process to ensure that deadlines are met and corporation tax is paid on time freeing up your time to run your business.



We have a full payroll bureau and can take care of all your payroll needs allowing you to run the business you know whilst we take care of the business we know.

Payroll can be a daunting task and we can help with all areas of payroll including;

  •  Setting up a new payroll system
  • Calculating the correct tax and national insurance for each employee
  • Calculating student loan deductions
  • Running the payroll system each month
  • Calculating statutory payments such as sickness, maternity, paternity and adoption,
  • Completing online filing of PAYE end of year returns such as P14’s and P35’s and reporting benefits in kind.

We are able to help you with the completion of your payroll and are on hand to answer any queries you may have.



We are experienced in packages such as SAGE, QuickBooks, Financial Co-ordinator and TAS which allows us to carry out your book keeping for you, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business.

We are able to visit your premises to complete the book keeping or use a remote system to bring your records up to date.

We are able to tailor our services to your needs, visiting as often as required to ensure your records are kept up to date and you have the financial information you need to run your business.


Management accounts

We are able to prepare monthly management accounts to enable you to review the business and we will discuss the progress of the business and work with you to develop and improve the results.

Monthly management accounts can be prepared from our book keeping records or from your own in-house records and we will review previous trends and work with you to help your business reach its full potential.



Value Added Tax is a complex tax meaning that many returns are incorrect and VAT is being under or over paid.

All businesses, whether limited or not, need to register for VAT if their income exceeds the current threshold and failure to do so can lead to penalties.

We are able to assist in the completion of a VAT registration and then are able to complete VAT returns or check returns completed by you.  We are also able to assist in de-registering for VAT if circumstances change and you are no longer required to be VAT registered.

We are on hand to answer any VAT queries you may have.



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